Put that where it belongs

Put that where it belongs

Another cool comic posted by Alzward, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. Humans are more diverse and versatile than almost any other known species, but certain members have been observed exhibiting a truly remarkable behavior, even by those high standards: they go about their lives with their heads entirely up their own asses. In fact, many of these individuals will spend nearly their entire lives like this, without ever even realizing the problem. Miraculous.

  2. Look, I’m not a vegan, I love the taste more than I hate the guilt but dogs are omnivores and can do very well on a well researched vegan diet. Not that most people can research well but I’m just sayin. Cats however are strictly carnivorous, so if someone says this about a cat that reaction is appropriate but about a dog its silly. I’m not saying there’s not idiots out there trying to feed them nothing but celery or something but so long as the owners understand basic food chemistry and research everything their dog needs from a variety of different foods then there’s literally no problem with it. Nobody is obligated to support factory animal farming for the sake of giving their pupper meat snacks, you can find alternatives that your dog will love, the palate of a creature prone to eating its own shit is obviously not that discerning.

  3. I don’t know. I think most dogs are basically vegan nowadays. Ever read the back of the dry food? Some of them haven’t even seen animal products. Being made of soy and artificial nutrients.

    I know one dog owner that actually feed their dog like real meat along with other foods. But they actually work with dogs at professional capacity, they know exactly how to tailor the diets.

  4. dogs can eat plant based, and the type of owners who would feed their dog plant based foods for ethical reasons (vegans), care about animals, so they make sure the dog is getting every nutrient they need. and I can say with absolute certainty that the dog is healthier than any dog eating that toxic kibble shit.

  5. Vegans like this “I treat animals ethically and with respect, they’re living creatures that deserve life just as much as we do. Also I deprive the animal I like the most of its natural diet, and the nutrients it needs to live.”

  6. Magically dogs have gone from their obligate carnivore ancestor, the grey wolf, to one that can digest plant matter & live fine. I honestly didn’t believe it until multiple articles read into it.

    Cats, on the another hand, never did this. “Meow” (“I want flesh, human”)

  7. Hi, vegan here ready to share my story and expecting to not get much love.

    My first dog was with me for 12 years and lived to 15. He was vegan most of the time with me. He was happy and healthy until his final day. My second dog recently transitioned. He was with me for 10 years and died at 16. Until the end, people thought he was a puppy. We had a bond so special and deep. Just before he passed, I gave him a massage and then held his head as he transitioned peacefully after his body just couldn’t keep going.

    Dogs, like people, are omnivores. It is definitely possible to live happy, healthy lives with a vegan diet. You get to decide what you feed your pets. Please have compassion for mine.

    I don’t expect to change any minds, but it pains me how I see this daily on reddit, or used to see this daily, as I don’t come here very often anymore because of the toxic negativity here.