School Life Manhwas With Badass MC! Recommendations

School Life Manhwas With Badass Mc! Recommendations

Another cool webcomic posted by Shonenup, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. Titles:

    ⭐God of blackfield (103+)

    ⭐Highschool lunch dad (41+)

    ⭐Mercenary Enrollment (66+)

    ⭐Weak hero (171+)

    ⭐Study Group (141+)

    ⭐True Education (59+)

    ⭐Viral Hit (115+)

    ⭐Second Life of a gangster (116+)

    ⭐Gang of school (25+)

    ⭐Girls of the wild’s (260 completed)

    ⭐Boss in school (118+)

    ⭐Pounding (79+)