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Cat Or Dog Person? Take The Quiz For The Definitive Answer

Cat Or Dog Person?
Cat Or Dog Person?

The eternal question still stands. Which kind of a person am I? Do I love cats? Or maybe a dog is better for me? Or maybe both?? But will they get along?

If this question drives you nuts, then take action and take the quiz now πŸ˜†

  • Question of

    Do you already have a pet?

    • Yes – who doesn’t?
    • No – pls don’t judge
    • As soon as I see a cute one
  • Question of

    With your friends, are you a hugger or a shaker?

    • I hug them ’till their eyes pop out
    • A friendly shake of hands will do
    • Uhh – fizical contact? No touchy touchy for me
  • Question of

    How do your friends describe you?

    • Class clown
    • A big softie
    • Couch potato
    • Always a call away
    • Dark and mysterious
  • Question of

    Hooray! It’s weekend – what do you do?

    • Sleep, sleep, and them sleep some more
    • First some jogging, then some walking in the park
    • Just chilling with my homies
    • Cooking, cleaning, shopping – you know, weekend stuff
    • Party all day, Party all night!
  • Question of

    What about TV? Love it or hate it?

    • Can’t live without it
    • TV? Just something else to dust
    • Well…if I have cable I might as well put a TV on the wall
    • How else should I play Xbox?
  • Question of

    What is the perfect night out for you?

    • Netflix and chill
    • Romantic dinner
    • Clubbing hard then after parties
    • A good book and warm bed
  • Question of

    Your boss keeps nagging to get the report done, what’s your reaction?

    • Take a chill pill dude, where’s the fire?
    • I’m sorry sir, I thought I’ve done it. I’ll get on it
    • Yes sir! Here it is, already double checked it. You need a triple check?
  • Question of

    Your friend gets his grubby hands on your phone, what pictures does he see?

    • Selfies with cats getting in your face
    • Hamsters – flowers – cats – food – dogs
    • Dogs chewing, humping, drooling
    • Just me, myself and I
  • Question of

    On first dates who has the first move?

    • Me – I’m the boss
    • The date – I’m too shy
    • A friendly hug will suffice
  • Question of

    What do you love most about holidays?

    • Presents! 🎁
    • All the delicious food
    • No more work
    • Seeing your loved ones

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