So I recently got this tattoo it’s my first arm tat and everybody is telling me I got it “upside down” does it really matter what direction it’s facing? Artist Hikojo Samura, Godspeed tattoo Okinawa JP

So I Recently Got This Tattoo It’s My First Arm Tat And Everybody Is Telling Me I Got It “Upside Down” Does It Really Matter What Direction It’s Facing? Artist Hikojo Samura, Godspeed Tattoo Okinawa Jp

Another cool tattoo posted by roodadootdootdo, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. I have one on my forearm that kind of “goes sideways” like the design is meant to be viewed with the arm horizontal (a tree branch, so horizontal makes a fair bit of sense) not vertical and I’ve had people tell me that my tattoo was screwed up. Lol

  2. Yes it matters :it should be in the direction YOU want it to be. Cool tat 🙂 don’t mind those who does not agree, a tattoo is personal and cannot please everyone’s point of views and idea.

  3. It’s fine if you wanted to to look at yourself. Having said that, traditionally speaking tattoos are viewed by others, and this will look upside down to everyone else. It’s the equivalent of getting a custom tee shirt made with the writing upside down so that you could read it when you looked down at it.

    So while it’s not “wrong” in the sense you’re asking, it’s not the way tattoos are usually applied. I have a feeling the artist asked you a few times if you’re sure that’s how you wanted it placed, right?

    It’s a cool design

  4. I have a tattoo on my forearm and I got it “upside down”, meaning it’s facing me, and I’m so glad I did it that way. I love seeing it and, while working online it’s upright for everyone else because they only see it when I raise my arm.

  5. Well it only matters of you like to add on to it . Because 8f you want a sleeve , then everything would have to be “upside down” .
    But if you only want that single tattoo qnd you like it like that, then its perfect!

  6. No dude. It’s YOUR tat

    One of my fav pieces is on my hand, I loved it so much from the start I made sure it was facing me so I could enjoy it. It’s for me for life, not for everyone else. Your body your choice your enjoyment. Fuck em. My other hand is done as well and is ‘traditional’, facing away let’s say. But the dope one was for my pleasure, if I had to choose again I’d do it the same way without hesitation

    Actually dope piece BTW, I rate that

  7. Technically, yes. You did break a tattoo artist rule. 9 out of 10 tattooers would tell you it’s wrong. But you see everyone on here telling you it’s fine. It’s your right to be wrong.