Spooky Treasure

Spooky Treasure

Another cool comic posted by StrangeTrek, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. Reminds me of a joke. A Mafia don finds out that his old Italian accountant has been siphoning off money for himself. The don ties him to a chair and fetches a translator.

    The don says “why have you been stealing my money‽”
    The translator translates and the old man responds. The translator says “he says he has never stolen a penny from you, boss”
    The don says “tell him if he doesn’t tell me where he hid my money **I’m gonna put a bullet between his eyes!”**
    The translator tells the old man, who breaks down and says in Italian *”Ok, ok! I hid the money in $100 bills in storage locker 331 off the highway. It’s all there, 2.7 million dollars!”*
    The don waits while the old man talks, and then turns to the translator and says “what did he say?”
    The translator thinks and answers “he says ‘you don’t have the balls.'”