Squints by Chris Rose at KultureShock Tattoo in SLC, UT

Squints by Chris Rose at KultureShock Tattoo in SLC, UT

Another cool tattoo posted by KingSUU, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. And now this song is in my head……

    *I’m foamin’ at the mouth, ain’t nobody takin’ me out*

    *Every single rapper in the industry, yeah, they know what I’m about*

    *And I dare you to test me*

    *’Cause not a single one of you motherfuckers impress me*

    *And maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but I’m full of innovation*

    *And I’m tired of all of this high school, “He’s cool, he’s not” rap shit*

    *Can a single one of you motherfuckers even rap? Shit*

    *No, this ain’t a diss to the game, it’s a gas to the flame*

    *Nowadays, everybody sound the same, shit’s lame*

    *Like a moth to the flame, I’ma reel ’em in and kill ’em*

    *Know you feelin’ lyricism when I’m spillin’ it, I’m feelin’ myself*

    *Yeah, yeah, Bobby Boy, he be feelin’ himself*

    *Mass murder like this can’t be good for my health*

    *When I rap like this, do I sound like shit?*

    *Well, it don’t really matter, ’cause I’m killin’ this shit*

    *Yeah, I’m killin’ this shit*

    *Oh yeah, oh yeah, I’m killin’ this shit*

    *Bobby, how many times you been killin’ this shit?*

    *Find another rhyme, goddamn, nigga, shit*

    Explanation for those who don’t see the connection: