The 5 most effective methods for obtaining inbound links

It is important to note that the methods listed below are listed in the order in which they should be used: from the beginning (things you should do when you first start a site) to the advanced methods (the ones you should use when your site is a little bit older and you’re already getting a good number of visitors).

Before we get started, I want to emphasize one very crucial point: you should not begin advertising your website until it has some content. When you market an empty website, you are unlikely to get positive results!


Directory submissions

Directory Submission Process
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First, submit your site to directories. This is an important step for every new website since it is most likely how search engines will discover you.

What you’ll need is the following:

For each of the following elements:

  • site URL
  • title
  • description
  • list of keywords
  • an email account that has been established specifically for the purpose of submitting to directories. Some directories may reject your submission if the email address you provide does not come from the domain of the site you are submitting to.
  • a list of search engine optimization-friendly directories: is one of the greatest lists of search engine optimization-friendly directories.

Now comes the difficult part: taking that directory list, visiting each directory, and submitting your site, cycling your titles and descriptions on each submission, is the next step. Creating forms is the most difficult part, primarily because of the sheer amount of work involved – but don’t worry, this can be made more manageable by using two tools: Roboform (which can be used with both Internet Explorer and Firefox, and has free and paid versions), 1Password, LastPass and Bitwarden are also perfect for this job.


Reciprocal links (link exchanges)

Links 1280X720 1
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This is a practice that I personally do not use any more since it requires too much effort and yields insufficient benefits. Link exchanges used to be a highly effective approach back in the days before Google and PageRank, and they are still a powerful method of getting quality backlinks to your site.

However, this is a step you might do if there is minimal competition for your search term or phrase, such as when there are only 300,000 or 400,000 results for your search term or phrase.


Submitting articles to article directories

Article Marketing
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The third option is to write articles with reprint rights and submit them to article directories. This is one of my favorite techniques of gaining backlinks since it takes very little time, is completely free, and has the potential to provide a significant return on your investment.

Writing articles provides you complete control over the environment in which your links are displayed, as well as some control over the website on which your article is hosted (considering the fact that webmasters usually post only articles that have the same topic as their site). Writing high-quality articles will guarantee that your articles are placed on several websites; a good article will also result in a significant amount of backlinks!

One last point to remember while producing articles: never, and I mean never, put the content that you want to distribute on your own website! Due to the possibility that the article may appear on extremely significant websites, Google may apply a duplicate content filter to your site, perhaps causing it to rank lower in the search results. Your website should be as clean as a whistle, and it should include as much unique information as is reasonably feasible.


Buying links

Link Buying
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I believe that if you are not an expert in search engine optimization, you should refrain from attempting to purchase links in order to increase your results. When looking to buy links, there are a variety of factors to consider, including the theme of the site, the amount of traffic that the page or site receives, whether that traffic is natural and sustained (not from PPC, traffic exchanges, or other similar methods), PR, anchor text, and many other considerations.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to purchase text links on other websites, follow these steps:

  • Choose well-established websites that have a similar topic to yours as a starting point.
  • Verify if the link is spiderable by inspecting the robots.txt file, dofollow metatags, and the rel=”dofollow” link property are a must, among other things.
  • Make the link as dissimilar as possible from the one that was purchased. For example: Avoid placing it in the site’s bottom or in a box labeled “Advertisements” or “Partners” and instead use content to surround it.

Link baiting

What Is Link Baiting

The practice of link baiting is one of the most effective strategies for online advertising; however, it should only be employed when your site is a little older and more stable; gaining a large number of links in a short period of time might potentially harm your site.

There are a few hooks that you may use to draw connections to your website:

  • First, secure a significant article, and you may become the center of attention for your industrial sector, even if just for a few hours! If your content is excellent, others will link to it, and if your content is good, you may wind up with a large number of backlinks.
  • A good resource may be building a list of relevant websites in your business, or it could be providing a new viewpoint on a certain research study.
  • It is possible to get on the wrong side of certain individuals by engaging in link baiting that involves opposing a popular point of view or a well-known authoritative figure. So proceed with caution!

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