The struggle of making comics 😭

The Struggle Of Making Comics 😭

Another cool comic posted by FalkLouis, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. For me, starting to draw comics was hard. When I finally overcame my fears(?) and did something, and published it (on facebook), I was shocked to find out how little people cared. For me it was a major accomplisment to create original content, yet no one cares. If I take and post a picture of pretty and mundane flower I instantly get a hundred likes and heart emojis, but if I struggle and create something new and thoughtful people ignore it (and probably find me a little weird). So I guess the main lesson I have learned is that the motivation can not be praise from others. Sounds really pathetic now that I say it, but surprisingly I think it is not that obvious, and I really thought people would care!

    This is really great btw, I love the style and dialogue!