Tinker & Spell: Chapter 1: The Mechanical boy: Page 12/30

Tinker &Amp; Spell: Chapter 1: The Mechanical Boy: Page 12/30

Another cool comic posted by Ants-nest, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. This is a comic page to support the Video game I’m producing.
    The playable demo for Tinker & Spell is going to be ready for testing March 1. As a small team of indies, our core team has quit their jobs and has been working full-time on the development of this game for the past few months.
    Our demo is roughly 60-90 minutes depending on the play and showcases the overall experience we want to bring to our audience.
    Capture elemental spirits and use them to defeat powerful bosses, progress in the world and learn the secrets of this beautiful hand-drawn Metroidvania.
    Join our community:
    Twitter, Instagram, facebook: Tinker and Spell