Tried to get this finished and just found out my artist died during covid lockdown. I don’t know if I should find someone else to finish it or leave it as is out of respect for him. Done by Kenta at Black Rose Tattoo in Yokosuka, Japan.

Tried To Get This Finished And Just Found Out My Artist Died During Covid Lockdown. I Don'T Know If I Should Find Someone Else To Finish It Or Leave It As Is Out Of Respect For Him. Done By Kenta At Black Rose Tattoo In Yokosuka, Japan.

Another cool tattoo posted by maninthebox0, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. Looks unique as is, so not a bad point to leave it at is (for now).

    If you want to have it finished maybe there is someone he worked with, trained or was good friends with who could do it?

  2. Very insightful consideration. Props to the artist, as your technically “unfinished” tattoo exudes such a manicured “unfinished” appearance that I think it looks like a finished product. It also makes for one incredible story and you get to wear some of this late tattoo artist’s work as a testament to mastery of the craft.

    In short, if it were my tattoo I’d leave it but only because it looks gnarly the way it currently is. If it looked rough around the edges or really “unfinished” there’s no reason or disrespect to go elsewhere to have it completed. No different than other artists producing a deceased artist’s unfinished album.

  3. I would see if someone who knew him would finish it as a memorial. Perhaps leave certain parts unfinished, as a metaphor for the unfinished projects we leave in life? EIther way, amazing tattoo, whatever you decide.