True story

True story

Another cool comic posted by MajorDuckFarts, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. i’d age the person in the 3rd panel but keep the guy at the counter and the computer register to make it clear its the same guy. adding the overalls really confused TF out of me and it took an extra minute to realize the joke was that the guy aged in that moment. much clearer if you keep the setting to contexualize its the same guy. or don’t give him overalls. one of the two i think.

  2. I once checked the ID (for check writing, not age) of an gentleman who was born in the 1800s. It was the early 90s at the time so it wasn’t freakish he was around still but that’s the only 1800s ID I ever saw.

  3. I never have to worry about alcohol sales (I work at Lowe’s) I just have to worry about stuff like spray paint, which no one is ever making fake ids for. Pretty much I only ask if they’re sort of young, and then a sideways license I don’t really look at, and if it’s upwards, then I look at the date.

    I’ve only had 2 times where I couldn’t sell someone spray paint, and both times they had a parent come in from the car to verify it.

    The biggest problem is that we’re never taught how to verify if a id is real or not, and while at Lowe’s it doesn’t matter, I have a feeling at grocery stores it can create a problem.