Update… I turn 41 tomorrow, things are still great [OC]

Update... I turn 41 tomorrow, things are still great [OC]

Another cool comic posted by iamkeeeng, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. I discovered my own set of tools that got me through. There are many paths between the first and last panel, the key is to step into yours and keep going. Looking forward to more arrivals.

    Don’t doubt yourself. You’ve got this and CAN make it!!

  2. I loved this!

    A year ago, in December, I came very close.
    But long story short I am in a career that I love, grad school, and things are so much better now.

    I’m glad I failed my attempt. Not shaming anyone who succeeded, but if you can hang on things will change…especially if you have a dream for yourself.

    Believe in your dream if you have nothing else.

  3. I’m happy for you, but I have to ask, as a cartoonist, how’s the money?

    I might be in a similar situation in that I’m about to do a similar jump to become a digital artist at around my 40s. I do have some passive income to sustain the basics, but It’ll definetly be a change in income.

  4. Christ, I feel that lake. Mine was a balcony that I figured I could hand myself on. Then It was a lamp post I could climb and jump off of. Then it was an overdose on pills. Then It was a tree and a bucket- back to hanging.

    Then it was finally admitting how I felt to…. Everyone. It wasn’t a decision, more of a breakdown where I couldn’t *not* share. Went to a crisis center. Quit a job that was crushing me. Started seeing a therapist I’d met in a crisis center who could see me without judging me. Got my shit together. Got my confidence back. Started applying for jobs after 6 months. Failed miserably.

    Opened up to my therapist. Opened up to my friends. Accepted help. Got a new job that I like. Got engaged. Get married in a few weeks. It’s a positive change all around.

  5. I had saved this comic in my phone the first time I saw it some months/years ago, so whenever things are tough, I take a look at it and it brings me hope. I’m going through a really rough patch at the moment. Thanks for giving me hope! I really wish for things to get better in the (near) future.

  6. So happy for you man!

    Maybe silly, but what impresses me most is calmly ending your marriage. Not insinuating it wasn’t right at all, but I would just be so extremely hesitant myself because I would fear for the effects on my children. It’s a bold and strong move, and one that I admire a lot.

  7. hmm… i dont have a wife… or daughter… or friends… i cant afford a therapist. i didnt manage to change anything in my life either…

    but when i was there sitting on the traintracks and no train came by the whole situation seemed so absurd. i think i stay alive out of spite… it works.

  8. I love reading these kinds of stories. It gives me a means to cope with the remnants of thoughts and trauma I had as a kid.

    Allie Brosh from Hyperbole and a Half has an incredible and detailed explanation about her battle with depression. She then went on NPR’s Fresh Air and did an extremely moving interview (I just happened to accidentally stumble on it when my phone died, driving home at 11:30 one night. Ended up bawling my eyes out driving down the interstate).

    I went through a really hard time as a kid. Parents divorced, mom’s boyfriend kicked, choked, and beat the shit out of me. Ended up trying to commit suicide at age 11, twice. I was in this kind of endless hopeless darkness while I was too young to even understand it. When I escaped and moved out basically on my own at 13, I had this crazy midlife crisis where I had put soo much time and energy and thought into my escape that once I was free I didn’t know what to do with myself or how to live or what to even think.

    So reading stories about other people battling these thoughts and processing their journey out really helps me understand what I went through. I was too young to understand what I was dealing with as a person and I survived it more on instincts rather than an understanding, and because of that it’s left me with trying to understand the emotions in retrospect.

    Life is great now. That was all 30+ years ago.

    So thank you very much for sharing your story. It is important and means a lot to people. Not just for people who are still lost in the darkness, but for people who’ve made it out but are still trying to process the scars and shadows.


    [Hyperbole and a Half – Depression pt2](

    [Allie Brosh NPR interview](

  9. I love it, gives me hope. I’m not calling you old or anything but I’m 25 and feel like it’s too late now, I have wasted my best years and everyone is ahead of me.
    I did leave my abusive ex year ago so that is better now. I got finally diagnosed with ADHD last week and if I get right treatment I might get back thing that became too hard to do, like reading and painting, and maybe I can even go back to university to become archeologist. That could be nice. My ex left my with debt so if I want to change anything and travel someday, I have to pay it back first. I hope I end up in Tokyo, that would be my last panel. But I probably should start with another tattoo so all my scars are finally covered 🙌 that’s easiest to do right now 😅