Vintage 1910’s Singer logo done by Chase (Mr. J) at Rue Morgue in Franklin, IN

Vintage 1910's Singer logo done by Chase (Mr. J) at Rue Morgue in Franklin, IN

Another cool tattoo posted by ray_seriously, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. I worked at a leather work glove company that make’s all the gloves by hand and the owner had at least 15-20 old vintage Singers and they were so cool! I wasn’t one of the dedicated sewers there so I never got to work with them, but being around them so much sure gave me a new appreciation for the old tools, so cool!
    If I was a seamstress I’d wear that tat any day, top notch!

  2. Very cool! I also have a vintage singer tattoo, specifically of the 66 red eye model. My dad collects antique sewing machines, parts, handbooks etc and sells some of it for a living. I’ve always been fascinated by the machines, so much prettier than the plastic ones of today!

  3. Love it !
    My 1908 Singer shound have benn trashed… former owner gave it to me for a few beers.
    It’s beautiful (and still usable) – my stepdad is going to fix everything. Maybe I’ll use it as furniture, maybe as a sewing machine….will have a look when it’s done.

  4. One of my friends did something similar with the logo that had a image of a woman behind the text. Her and the artist just remove the text and got the tattoo of the woman.

    Cool to see it this way too.