Weekend [OC]

Weekend [OC]

Another cool webcomic posted by zenacomics, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. May be an unpopular opinion but I’m in academia and one of the great benefits of this job from my perspective is that I can take a day off during the week to do something else and then make the time up on the weekend. If we can all can choose when we work, then how do you even know when my weekend is? Why are you assuming it’s the same as on your weekend?

    On Saturdays, I don’t look at or respond to work emails. Generally I’ll at least glance at my emails on other days to see if anything is on fire. I use afternoons during the week to do chores that are difficult to get done on the weekend like going to the bank or the doctor and then catch up a bit on Sunday if I feel like I need to. One of my collaborators is the same way, but their off day is on Sunday. If we both scheduled all our emails to Monday starting on Friday night, time-sensitive things will suffer.

    If everyone is supposed to work the same hours I get it, but one of the benefits of jobs that you can do flexibly (like office work) should be that you don’t have to take PTO to do chores that you can’t do over the weekend.

  2. How about just don’t check your emails on weekend and let the poor guy send his emails when he wants? Why give him extra work, figuring out how to schedule emails and then scheduling them as opposed to simply hitting send, when she could just not open the email until Monday?

  3. Or alternatively you can write the emails during the weekday and schedule them to send during the weekend so you look like a dedicated worker while lounging on the beach.

    You just need to make sure your computer stays turned on for it to work

  4. Just don’t reply on weekends! If they need to get a hold of you that badly, they’ll find another way. If not and you still catch meaningful flak for not responding to weekend emails before Monday, maybe the toxicity in your work environment runs deeper than emails and maybe you should do some job searching accordingly.

    Be the reasonable boundaries and work life balance you want to see in the world.

  5. I work weird hours, have the flexibility to do that and I’m more productive later in the day. I don’t work weekends most of the time but last weekend I did. Anyway….

    I don’t get the social stigma about sending emails outside of “normal hours.” It goes both ways–you can say sending an email at 10pm is unhealthy but reading it at 10pm is unhealthy, too. Why criticize someone for being on late when the other party clearly has one eye on their phone, too?

    Second, it’s 2021. We work remotely more than ever, especially in these types of jobs. Having a work life balance is definitely important but I think this idea about needing the same hours is going to start becoming a thing of the past if that hasn’t started already.