What makes a hero in stories you read? And WHY?

What makes a hero in stories you read? And WHY?

Another cool comic posted by DarkDekuLord, originally seen on Reddit.


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  1. For me, I like heroes that aren’t strong from the start. I like to see them fail, run away, give up, be human as they gain wisdom and power to overcome their obstacles. It’s even better at the end of the story that despite the MC being super strong they are challenged in non-physical ways. Those are the heroes that I prefer.

    Those kind of stories along with seeing hero’s I HATE (Not gonna rant) is what helped me shape Mercy in Deepstalker Crow. She’s weak, and life threw her one HELL of a curve ball, but like us all, when we get a poop sandwich we make the best of it and keep pushing and overcome our challenges.

    You can see what I mean here: